#12 The Group of Artist of Fashionality

It's almost August - which means that there is about a month left to catch the Fashtionality exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection! Make sure you see the show before it's over because the McMichael gallery not very often does shows as contemporary as this, and it is quite big and there's a lot to see. Based on the works of contemporary Canadian artists, the exhibition explores the use of clothing and fashion as means to reveal the artists' concerns, identities and personal visions. The show is very well put-together by a renowned Canadian curator Julia Pine. If you have been following my blog, you probably know that Camal Pirbhai of Studio La Beaute has two of his pieces on display at the show. They are located right in the centre of the main room, so you won't miss them. Make sure you go see it before it's over.

Fashionality Installation day at the McMichael

Fashionality is not only a great opportunity for Camal to make known of himself and of his works, but also a nice chance for him to meet the other artists who share a similar interest in textile. The first encounter with the artists of Fashionality was at the installation day. Then there was the grand opening of the show, followed by Fashion as Art Exposed fundraiser. A couple of artists he befriended are Camille Turner and Nicole Dextras.

Camal Pirbhai, Camille Turner and Nicole Dextras

Camille Turner, more familiar as "Miss Canadiana" is a Toronto based media and a performance artist. She travels around the world, showing up to various events as "Miss Canadiana" in a red gown, a sparkling tiara, a Miss Canadian sash and of course, a maple leaf handbag. I thought Turner's idea is very clever and amusing in a way.

Camille Turner as Miss Canadiana

Camal will be working with Camille Turner during this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Last year, Camal has produced 9 short films featuring 9 different accessories worn by same one model for 9 consecutive days, called Accessory Collection. You can read more about last year's Accessory on Camal's website or my blog entry. Camal hasn't told me what he will be doing exactly, but from what I've heard so far, the new collection for September sounds like another great idea! I'll be updating my blog closer to September, so keep following my blog if you want to know what the grand scheme for this new collection is!

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