#23 Virtual Texilology at Bonhams, Yorkville

Camal has redesigned an Eames-style chair for the Textile Museum of Canada's reDesign 2012.

Still-cut of Camal's Virtual Textilology, 2012

This is Camal's interpretation - "Virtual Textilology." Make sure you view this video in 1080HD. If you participated, try to find yourself in the video! You might be one of his 62 friends and family into the piece. I asked Camal to explain why he chose to re-imagine the chair several times, but all I got was no comment.


You can view a complete list of chairs on the reDesign 2012 page. You will note that Camal's chair is very different from the rest. So, what is the explanation for this piece? Camal leaves it up to you. As an audience, you can ask only one question after watching the full video. What kind of questions? Anything. You can do this by going to the Virtual Texilology page. Your question will be updated within a week. The intention of doing this is to actually help the audience think in depth about the piece. If there is an explanation attached to an art work, it is most likely that the audience will read that excerpt and go to the next piece. However, having no explanation allows one to think about what the artist had in mind when he created the work. In addition, the audience can get more out of the work by reading questions posted by other people. Camal challenges you to interpret "Virtual Textilology." Who knows? Maybe the last chair was purposely left empty for you as an invitation to explain the piece.

A free public preview will begin on Friday November 2nd until Tuesday November 6th at Bonham's Auction House in Yorkville (20 Hazelton Avenue), from 1PM-5PM. This will be your only chance to see Camal's Virtual Textilology at no charge. You can also purchase tickets for TMC's reDesign gala, which will be held on Wednesday November 7th at 6:30PM, where these chairs will be sold at auction. I hope to see you there!

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