Meeting the man behind it all

 The type of art I really enjoy is really anything “different”. As I can appreciate the typical styles of art, like photography, paintings, and sculpture. My passion has now grown for independent artists who seem to think “outside” the box.
Walking through the streets of Yorkville I came across a studio called Gallery Bespoke. I had never seen anything like this before. In fact, I almost didn't want to go inside as it wasn't your typical art exhibit in the window and what I did see, I wasn't sure of. My eyes have now been exposed to something refreshing, something old, something new, simply, great artistic skills that can be created to be a part in anyone’s home.
As I was standing outside, I had the honor of meeting the artist of the studio Mr. Camal Pirbhai. He asked what I thought of the works in the window. I was honest and explained, as “pretty” as it was, I didn't really “Get it”. He laughed and invited me in. I was shocked when I went indoors. There were so many art pieces that would be considered “Eye candy” for any couture fan. Camal was a breath of fresh air. He was patient and answered, for the most part, most of my questions. He went through some of the theory behind his works of art, but then wanted to know my true reaction to most. What I found endearing, was that Camal wasn't just this big time couture designer with too much time on his hands; he was a personable artist who really wanted to dig deep into the thoughts behind each piece that had been created. Camal brings such detail to all of his works of art. His creations are like none other I have ever seen before. Yes, there are some pieces I may question where the idea came from, but after meeting the man behind the art, I realized not everything needs to be understood to be appreciated.
He showed me his curtain line. The only word I was able to mutter was “WOW”. I didn't know we had such a talent in couture design here in Toronto, or at least I hadn't met anyone like this before. He brings forward such incredible detailing and a maturity I haven’t seen anywhere else.
I have decided to keep a blog on Camal as a tribute to a great creator who believes style and art can be a winning combination for anyone’s home.

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