The Cocoon

How does a couture curtain maker showcase his latest works of décor art at the country’s highest profile design show, IDS 2014?  By combining efforts with a wood and metal fabricator, in a fascinating collaboration of their talents.
Nothing Camal Pirbhai does in his artistic work is easily understood to the uncreative mind. He sees things differently than most of us. That is what makes him so successful.  There is not a single thing that comes out of his atelier, Studio LaBeaute, which is common. So showcasing his couturier drapery in a traditional manner to the Designers, Architects, Industry and Fans that visit the show, is, quite obviously, out of the question.
Following his showcase, ‘Ebony Pope’, at IDS 2013, and coming on the heels of  SALIGIA, The Seven Deadly Sins Exhibit as well as his participation in ‘VIRTUAL  TEXTILOGY’ by the Textile Museum of Canada, Camal has teamed up with the  talented Philip Brown of PAB Furniture.
Philip, who, with a background in engineering and mechanical design is motivated  and inspired by the fit, form and function of everyday things, has become a  renowned furniture designer working in both wood and metal.  The collaboration  of the two artists, who work in very different mediums, proves to be a true  inspiration.
The center piece of the booth….in fact the only thing featured in the booth is a  hand carved bench, created initially by Philip.  The bench itself is more than a  mere utilitarian tool for sitting.  It is a sculptural piece of art.  Gold leafed, the  bench features exaggerated bullion type bars whimsically fashioned.  Its legs,  stacked bars creating a totem like feel, ground the piece.  The totem theme  continues with an eight foot stack to one side.  This is where Camal preformed  some of his magic.
Camal’s latest piece, a cocooned body hangs from the totem pole.  The cocoon,  like Camal’s other pieces, is intricately fashioned, with detailed beading and layers  of fabric tucked and styled.  On its own, the piece would be intriguing.  But  incorporated in to the totem bench, it becomes absolutely intriguing.
The cocoon represents the beauty of transformation.  Not just the end product,  like a cocoon producing a butterfly, but the beauty in the journey itself.  Camal,  who as an artist, is constantly in a state of transition himself, relates personally to  the cocoon.  Camal gives a nod to the curtains he creates, only by the fact that the  cocoon also hangs.  But it sways and moves; it is not as static.  “I will never take  the set path’, Camal says ‘true art only comes when you test the limits, when you  take the path never travelled”.  Camal doesn’t just make curtains, he creates a vision.
Camal’s pet project, Gallery Bespoke, is an extension of Studio LaBeaute.  Gallery Bespoke’s primary goal is to showcase Canadian artistic talent and ideas without the pressure to sell, conform or cater to a specific style or look.  Projects such as Ebony Pope or this latest concept let him take the detour he craves.  It also allows those lesser creative humans among us, certainly me included, to get a peak in to the mind of this creative virtuoso.
Philip Brown and Camal Pirbhai’s concept piece can be seen in the Studio North exhibit during the Interior Design Show 2014, being held at the Direct Energy Centre January 23rd to 26th. 
For more information on Camal Pirbhai, Studio La Beaute and Gallery Bespoke visit his website at www.studiolabeaute.com
For more information about Philip Brown and PAB Furniture, visit his website at www.pabfurniture.com

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