#2 So what is Gallery Bespoke?

For my second entry, I want to tell you a little bit more about Gallery Bespoke. 

Ever since my first visit, Gallery Bespoke has been a surprise after surprise. From the preparations of the "Accessory" collection last August, I've been observing the creative mind of Camal Pirbhai, the artist behind the Gallery. What I’ve observed was the artistic ingenuity of Camal. When I saw his work from his collection, I’ve questioned myself, “How did he come up with that?” and “What motivated him to create such pieces?” His works are beyond ordinary, unusual and made me wonder about the creative process. And the truth is many viewers have expressed the same thoughts. I often heard an observer saying “Amazing! How did he produce such an original work?”

"Gould Plated" (Elbow Pads) Video from the Accessory Collections, September, 2011

How does Camal work and how does he come up with these conceptual pieces? Based on my observation, I think there are many ideas floating on his head, which constantly evolves throughout time. His ideas then come together more concretely until a few days before the deadline of his exhibition. I was surprised at the fact that his work happens at the "last minute" especially since most of his works require so much detail. However, he seems to have everything planned out in his mind just before it’s brought to life. Therefore, although Camal works "last minute", the outcomes are well carried out before the deadline and are finished in time to be displayed for the public. An example would be his latest piece created was called "The Fourth F" which was displayed at the DelecTABLE Designs hosted by the Junior League of Toronto. Camal had been talking about it for months but physically, not much was done. About a week before the exhibition, he somehow managed magically to bring it all together.

"The Fourth F" at the DelecTABLE Designs, April, 2012

At the DelecTABLE Designs, a dining installation show with the city's celebrated designers and decorators, Camal's installation was the most uniquely designed space. I think the audience attends shows such as this one I’ve attended, in hopes to see works that are extraordinary. I wanted to be inspired by the creativity of the designs and their designers. I'm not saying the other installations weren't beautiful but felt that the originality was just missing. I think shows like this should have more of "Camal-like" characters in the designs.
I am curious on what will motivate him next, and how the next piece will turn out. Stay tuned for the upcoming works at Gallery Bespoke!

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  1. i was at this show on the last day, and i have to say i liked yours and the canoe one the best. really liked your creativity. the others were okay, but not really memorable.