#4 What inspires the artist?

The first time I walked into Gallery Bespoke the "Fool Me Once" collection was on display. The "Fool Me Once" collection is comprised of nine pieces with each one displaying a film that was on loop continuously, which was then projected out from layers of individually designed fabric, and other materials. To my surprise I've learned that he was preparing for his next show in the weeks to come.

Three Pieces from the Fool Me Once Collection, June, 2011

Camal told me about the next collection that he was working on called the "Accessory" and invited me to partake in the process. He briefly explained that the collection comprises of nine different accessories designed and made by the artist himself. In this project, Camal will have a model wearing an accessory who will walk around the streets of Yorkville. This promenade will be filmed in a period of nine consecutive days, each day with a different accessory. These videos were then to be edited into one finalized short film. It sounded pretty interesting, so I decided to go and find out how he works, and observe how his works come together.

When I went back the following week, Camal showed me the first of the nine accessories called "Trouble Low", a tie back. A tie back isn't something one would wear as an accessory, as its function is to hold the curtains together. However, I was amazed at how he could transform a functional item into a wearable accessory. Then I was wondering, what inspires Camal to think of such a creative art work? What inspires the artist?

"Trouble Low (Tie Back) Video from the Accessory collection, September, 2011

In the ancient times, the Greeks thought the muses gave them artistic inspiration, whereas the Christians believed that the Holy Spirit provided them their inspiration. According to Sigmund Freud and psychologist following him, inspiration was believed to be found in the inner psyche of the artist. So what inspires Camal? He says his surroundings inspire him the most. It sounds very vague, however I started to get what he meant as I spent more time observing him. For example, his surroundings such as his workplace and people around him seemed to be his greatest inspiration.

Curtain of Bears - inspired by Camal's 3-year old daughter

His lovely three year old daughter is one of his greatest inspirations. The picture above shows the Teddy Bear Curtains, an idea that hit Camal as he saw his daughter playing with her stuffed animals. It is also one of my favourite works by the artist. Aside from the gallery, he also runs a studio where he makes couture curtains and other soft furnishing. His creations are also largely influenced by his curtain making studio work, as it is evident in the Accessory collection.

I don't think there is one answer to what inspires the artist, since it depends on the artist. However, I think it's safe to say that what interests the artist is what inspires him. The art work also reflects the contemporary setting and time of the artist. As a consequence, the artist's work can function as a window to the present environment and sometimes even problems. A contemporary audience may understand the inspiration of an art work. On the other hand, it could take one a half a century to figure it out, as sometimes in art history, a movement is named only after a period of time is passed.

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  1. the teddy bear curtain is so adorable:)