#5 Another Public Installation... This Time in Barrie!

This week, Camal Pirbhai is invited for an installation project at a restaurant in Barrie.

Camal had met Jessica and Deborah at the Junior League of Toronto's DelecTABLE Designs about a month ago. The two ladies were fascinated by the originality of Camal's installation and called Camal a few weeks after their initial meeting at the show. They represented a company named Chartreuse, an ECO Live Communications Company, where they provide a full service specializing in events and integrated marketing.  They wanted to display Camal's work at a public venue; a restaurant in Barrie called Houston Avenue Bar.

At first, Jessica and Deborah wanted to use the "Fourth F" in which the artist had designed and created for the DelecTABLE Designs since they were looking for something like this. However, as an artist who pursues a new design whenever he gets a chance, disagreed with them and wanted to brainstorm a new concept.

A few weeks after a several conversations on the phone, the artist and the marketing team finally met to discuss the project. Camal has begun creating the physical form of the project. Just like the "Fourth F", the upcoming project involves short films. I haven't seen the videos or the project itself. We are headed to Barrie this Wednesday for the installation. Be prepared to see what Camal has come up with this time! Follow my blog next Monday to read the entry on the project Barrie!

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