#17 Spot Miss Canadiana in Yorkville during Tiff 2012!

Do you know what's starting next Thursday, September the 6th? Toronto International Film Festival! Do you know what else is on next week? Accessory Part II.

TIFF 2012 will begin Sept. 6th - Sept. 16th.

If you have been following the blog, you'd probably remember last year's Accessory designed by Camal Pirbhai. Camal made nine different pieces of accessories to be worn by one model in a black dress, and had her stroll the streets of Yorkville. As there were nine accessories, the model wore one piece per day, and the entire process from her putting on her accessory to walking around Yorkville was documented day by day for nine consecutive days, with the help of our professional film production team, OTALKO.

Body and Soul, 'Round Midnight Collection with Tied Back Accessory from Accessory Collection

Accessory II will be similar to last year's Accessory, yet different for many reasons. One major difference is that Camal will be collaborating with Canadian performance artists, Camille Turner, as known as Miss Canadiana. I have introduced her in my previous blog entries. Instead of last year's model in a black dress, Miss Canadiana will be walking around with her beautiful one-of-a-kind sashes designed and made by Camal.

Camille Turner as Miss Canadiana

If you want to be a part of this fun event, make sure you're hanging out in Yorkville during Tiff. I will update my blog with more information on when and where it will take place, so be sure to follow my blog or the Gallery Bespoke Twitter.  In her bright red dress with her beautiful sash with a group of paparazzi following her, you won't miss Miss Canadiana!

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