#18 Hello Miss Canadiana!

Miss Canadiana will be making her first appearance at LissGallery in Yorkville this Saturday, September 8th at 6PM. She is invited to the opening of a collection at the gallery for the ribbon cutting ceremony on the red carpet. Miss Canadiana will be wearing a one-of-a-kind sash, sponsored by Camal Pirbhai and Gallery Bespoke! Come out to Yorkville and look for Miss Canadiana this Saturday!

Miss Canadiana

For the latest updates and news on Miss Canadiana, check the Facebook page, as well as the Blog

If you’re in Yorkville or any other celebrity-gathering place in Toronto, make sure you keep your eyes open wide for your opportunity to see Miss Canadiana! Who knows, perhaps she’s getting an ice cream next to you!

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  1. Hi, I was looking up 'miss Canadiana' that I saw last week or so and came across with your blog. Thanks for the info. Now I know what this was all about. Any future plans?