#20 IIDEX - What Interior Design Show?

Last week, I attended IIDEX Canada 2012 with Camal. Whenever there is an exposition in the city, Camal takes me so that I get a chance to meet people in the industry and explore new ideas.

The last couple of expos I went were the Delicious Food Show in October, 2011 and the Interior Design Show in January 2012 (IDS). The Food Show wasn't really relevant to what Camal does. We checked it out anyway, since Camal was giving a talk with Dee Dee Taylor Hannah. IDS is Canada's largest contemporary design fair. I enjoyed looking around Prototype and Studio North of IDS12, since it had more fresh ideas and had very creative objects.

IIDEX12, view of the entrance

Last Friday was my first time at the IIDEX. Camal had told me in advance that this show was more concentrated on commercial designs, so I didn't expect much from it. As I walked into the exhibition hall, my first response was 'it's not as bad as I thought i would be'. However, as I walked to one corner to start browsing around, I was left with disappointment. I try to understand that it is a show aimed for commercial purposes but I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that the show is about interior design, meaning that there should be more creative element to it. 


I was surprised that most of people were wearing business suits. The booths were very mechanical. As I write my blog entry, I am trying to remember what booths were memorable but I can't recall any. Yes, I understand that they are vendors and all, but again, the main purpose of this show is about interior design. Where is the creative aspect?

IIDEX12, Canadian Interiors Magazine Booth

The picture above was the Canadian Interiors Magazine booth. I was staring at it for a few minutes thinking 'where is the future in Canadian interior design?' Overall, I was quite disappointed since most of the booths were very dull and uninspiring. I think most of them were missing a 'wow' factor. I think there should be some degree of creativeness in a show that specializes design. To be honest, IIDEX wasn't impressive to me. I haven't been to that many fairs, but I feel that there should be something catchy or memorable about each show. I will keep looking for this creative element in the future interior design shows I will be attending.

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