#19 Follow the Ice Cream Truck for Miss Canadiana!

I was at Liss Gallery last Saturday for its grand opening party for the artist Brannan Robinson. Miss Canadiana was invited to attend its opening ceremony.

Miss Canadiana walking towards Liss Gallery, 2012

A black limo pulled up beside the gallery, and there she was, Miss Canadiana in her red dress, wearing the ribbon sash made by Camal Pirbhai.

Pirbhai, Ribbon Sash, Accessory Too Collection, 2012

There are five sashes in the 'Accessory Too' collection. Camal designed each to suit the event that Miss Canadiana will be attending. The Ribbon Sash was chosen for this particular evening to enhance the elegance and the beauty of Miss Canadiana's first appearance during Tiff 2012.

Miss Canadiana and Heidi at Liss Gallery, 2012

Miss Canadiana was very graceful, and friendly. She approached to Heidi, the youngest artist of Gallery Bespoke and she gave the little girl a Canadian flag pin.

Miss Canadiana cutting the ribbon at Liss Gallery, 2012

Miss Canadiana plans to show up in two places this Friday,  September 14th. The first place is TBA, but she will be where the etalk ice cream truck will be. I won't know when and where exactly until Friday morning. In the evening, she will visit the recently built Shangri-la hotel on University and Richmond. She will be appearing at the Swarovski fashion lounge in the evening. Keep following my blog, twitter and etalk twitter if you want to meet Miss Canadiana up close and personal!


  1. i saw her last friday!

  2. My friend told me she saw her too.