Team presentation


My name is Lyne, I am from France, I am here for an internship at Studio La Beaute. During my internship, I will be posting on the blog. I would like to introduce you to the team studio.


Camal is the mastermind, he is the driving force of the company,  with his passion and dedication he has led this crusade for the past 19 years.


Adilia is the head seamstress at the studio, with her magical hands she has been applying her talent at the studio for over 11 years. She is probably the only one that understand what Camal is talking about when a project is being worked on.


Richa is in charge of managing and coordinates the projects. She is in charge of organising Camal's day and all the company paper work.


Heidi is the youngest member of the studio, she has been at the studio for her the entire 4 years of her life. She loves to help fold fabrics and has started to do some sewing like her dad.


Cacahouette supports us everyday and overlooks our work.

Spiderman & Batman

Here is Cacahouette's two best friends, who amuse him. They are very quiet, but we don't forget them.


Even if he isn't alive, Alexandro is standing guard and looks at us everyday. He is the studio's security man.


Thanks to Brian the studio receives all the correct materials for it projects.


Larry is the track fitter. He is also a famous musician and plays tennis with Camal. 


With her talent Camille is here to support and advise Camal in his projects, she is also a good friend of Cacahouette and Heidi.


With his wonderful brushstroke Mimmo sometimes gives Camal a hand with fabric painting and preparation of curtain projects.


Susan is a designer, she is also working on a piece for Accesory Tree project which will takes place in September 2013


Deepak is the embrodury guru


If  fabric needs to be scotch garded or cleaned Steve is the master we call on.

Mini me

Here is the Camal's twin miniature !

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