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After several weeks, I observed different projects that Camal was working on. In this article I would like to discuss one which was particularly ambitious.

Instead of creating just hand made curtains, this project is a true work of art. I realized that Camal is an artisan who makes art; he uses the curtain as a sculpture to created custom-made product according to the style and the colors of the room where it will stand.

I saw this project evolution from its began a few months ago. First his idea was drawn on a paper the size of the actual fabric he was going to work on.

When he was satisfied, it got transfered on to the fabric in pencil. Then it got painted.

The next step was the embroidery. It got applied on top of the different painting with nuance. To emphasize the embroidery,  there was another layer of painting added around the different embroidered areas. 

The next layer was the creation of three dimensional leaves. When the paste for the leaves began to dry, they could be shaped to add dimension. Then they were painted and silver leafing was added to the bottom of each leaf.
To attach the leaves silver clips were epoxied to their back and then they were sewn on to the panel. 

Once the panels were sewn and hanging in the clients home, Camal added the final touches by painting and adding some of the sculpted leaves where he felt they were missing.


All the hardware for this project was also custom made for this particular application.
The original issue in the room was that the doors to the balcony opened to the inside and that the top of the frame was at the hight of the ceiling, there wasn't enough space to put hardware. Camal designed a system where a bracket was installed on the side of the window and was hinged to open with the doors. Wrought iron brackets were made with hinges and then painted to the same colour as the wall. These brackets would only be seen from the balcony but would look very elegant instead of looking at the back of a curtain. Inside the room a hand blown glass rod suspended from the brackets is the only hardware seen. 

From the outside on the balcony there a space above window that would normally be left plain, but Camal decided to add the leaf motif with some of the left over sculptured leaves. He painted them in white to match the walls.

I was lucky enough to see these panels hanging to this room and was so impressed at how everything came together and how such amazing creativity and skill could change a room. We do not often get a chance to see rooms like this, but now I realize the amount of time and thought that goes into these sort of things. I come from France where Versailles is the reference point for furnishings as art. After seeing this piece I can say that thing of this level exist in a city like Toronto too.


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